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About Us

At the forefront of outsourcing, our aim is not short-term financial gains, but on building long-term working relationships with our clients. Clients that we pride ourselves on calling part of the New Era family. We work collectively with our clients, with a collaborative hands-on approach ensuring a smooth efficient effect on work distribution and decision making. It’s not surprising that our clients forget they have ‘outsourced’ but rather feel they have simply extended their team – without any extra costs!!

We provide the hardware, a high-speed internet connection, a modern office equipped with all the latest equipment, the employees and a team leader managing all the communication with the client, all for a single monthly payment from our clients.

Leading the industry in the call centre and public transportation field, we have combined our expertise and bought it to the eCommerce field, managing all aspects of your eCommerce website from the databases to the customer service agents.

Join us and start your journey today. Let New Era take you to the next level.

Why Choose New Era


New Era agents are high achieving university graduates, trained to provide professional customer service of the highest quality and ensure a resulting positive image of your brand. We prioritise success and maximise revenues.

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eCommerce & Full Web Management

New Era OS lets you build a team of dedicated and highly professional staff according to your specific needs. Working collaboratively with you, New Era OS ensures the recruitment of the ‘right fit’ for your team and unlike others in this industry, the staff member is solely dedicated to you, the client it was recruited for, at all times.

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Call Centre & Taxi Operators

We handle every aspect of the call centre, delivering exceptional service, tailor made packages, and a flexible approach, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it is just the one agent, or a team of operators New Era has you covered.

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Virtual Assistant & Admin Support

Tailored trained to your requirements, New Era agents can communicate with your customers over text on real time and/or emails. We can also handle all your admin work needs from the basic data processing to blog writing.

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Virtual HR Team & Bookkeeping

New Era HR teams can deal with all HR activities, including employee administration and payroll without the overheads and at an affordable rate. New Era works with you at every step, by streamlining your daily running’s and letting you concentrate on your profits and your core values.

A Few Softwares We Excel In

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At New Era OS each agent is dedicated to a client. This ensures that our agents are always completely focused on the one project, remaining up to date with the client requirements and not being distracted by any other work.

We have a basic 30 day rolling contract, however we also offer 3, 6 and 12 month contracts with a reduced rate.

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We bill monthly and accept payment through bank transfer.

This is just one of the things that sets us apart from all other call centre’s. We do not charge a setup fee if you only have one agent. You only pay for the hours they cover, a setup fee is only payable once the number of agents is increased more then one, therefore you can keep one agent on for however long you like.

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About New Era

New Era is a leading outsourcing company.

With a variety of services to offer, from call centre to website design, tailored to whatever suits you and your business needs.

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Almost one-quarter of all businesses have temporarily closed or paused trading due to COVID-19, do not let the overheads bring your business to a standstill, save money by outsourcing all your repetitive tasks, together we can get through this.

We deal with your staffing issues while you concentrate on your core values