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“If You’ve Never Tried Virtual Workers, Then You’re in for a Marvelous Surprise…”

Introducing Virtual Assistants/Teams – The Surefire Way to Grow your Team Without the Overheads, Recruitment, and Employee Management Headache Just One Monthly Bill and Countless Benefits

Virtual Teams

Imagine having a professional team that does not cost you the earth

Not having to worry about recruitment

Imagine not having to worry about recruitment, holiday, or sick pay anymore

Hire the best

Imagine being able to hire the very best in the business to work for you



This is all possible now

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As Easy As 1.2.4

That's because you only need to do the one thing, the interview, we take care of the rest
Initial Meeting


Initial Consultation

A meeting is conducted where one of our managers will note down all your requirements. We then go to the drawing board and create a tailored business proposal for you


Recruitment Drive

According to your requirements, we start our recruitment drive through our social and local platforms. After thorough vetting and shortlisting, three (3) CV’s are selected and forwarded to you 

Recruitment Drive Virtual Assistant
Interview Virtual Assistant/Team


Selection Process

You interview the 3 candidates and choose the one that you feel is the right fit for your organization.



We make sure your new member of staff is up to date with how your company works, what is expected of them, and smooth sailing from there onwards.

Onboarding Virtual Assistant

All applicants are vetted and checked according to your requirements, our target is to find the best 3 applicants for you to interview and choose from. We recommend 20-minute interview slots for each candidate, therefore only taking up an hour of your time.

Of course, we can conduct the interview ourselves and introduce an applicant to you, but here at New Era OS we think long term, we feel this decision should be taken by you, after all they will be a part of your team!

Benefits of having a VA/VT

Save Money

Save MoneyKeeping pay and overheads in mind you are guaranteed to save above 60%

Save Time

Save TimeSave up to 90% of your time, recruiting and dealing with staff

Increase Productivity

Increase productivityHiring staff with more experience at a lower cost is guaranteed to increase productivity

No HR issues

No HR issues

We deal with everything, from the initial hiring to promotions and disciplines

Team Work

Team Work

Your team, fully managed by us, led by you, no task too big


Grow your business

Grow your business

With all your staffing issues out of the way, you can concentrate on your core values and grow your business

What is a VA/VT

VA is an abbreviation for a Virtual Assistant, an individual located outside of the client’s office offering administrative services whereas a VT is an abbreviation for a Virtual Team, a group of people who work together in different locations relying on technology to communicate such as email, video calls/conferences, or instant messaging. Having multiple virtual staff in different locations can become problematic to handle and can delay your work due to the communication gap. At New Era OS all members of your Virtual Team will be seated in the same office, so in a sense, your team will be together as if it was working in-house in your own office.

How do you save time & money with Virtual Teams?

Offshoring/outsourcing your virtual teams can save you up to 60% on salaries alone, adding up the overheads such as space & electricity that figure can creep up to 70%. Salaries on this side of the world are considerably cheaper than in the West, however, the skillsets are still of the same level, in some cases, better. Where in the west you would hire one individual you could for the same money hire 2 of the same calibre here.

The whole headache of recruitment is done by us, we forward shortlisted CVs to you and once you have built a virtual team, you only need to distribute/communicate with the team leader, saving you time and headache during the recruitment and in distributing tasks after.

How would you address the disadvantages of Virtual Teams?

One of the biggest disadvantages is technological issues, virtual teams rely heavily on computers and the internet, any of the two go down, the work is stalled. Due to the distance, communication issues run alongside with management problems.

In our modern offices, all our systems are up to date with backup systems on standby at all times, we have 2 high-speed internet connections that run simultaneously. To back this all up we have an electric backup that can run the office for 24hours in case we suffer an electricity blackout!

Since your team is all sitting in the same office, the chances of miscommunication within themselves are very unlikely, we always recommend assigning one of the team members as a team leader, he/she is then further advised to be in contact with yourself or your appointed representee on a daily or weekly basis.

Are Virtual Teams only beneficial for large businesses?

To put it simply, NO. Virtual teams can elevate businesses of any level. If done correctly, over time you will witness a growth in your profits and as your profits grow your virtual team will grow too.

A larger business might start off with 4/5 individuals in their virtual team however here at New Era OS we offer the same level of service to all our clients, regardless of if you just have one person or a 50 strong team.

What kind of business requires Virtual Teams?

Any business with a website or a customer service department that wants to save money and maximise its profits should look into hiring virtual teams.

The members of your virtual team can be basic university graduates or highly experienced individuals;


  • Admin Workers
  • Web Developers
  • SEO Specialists
  • PPC Specialists
  • Content Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Managers
  • eCommerce Specialists
  • Customer Service Agents
  • Live Chat Agents
  •  Taxi Operators

What if I just need a one off project doing?

That is no problem, follow the link to the service you require below. Once you have submitted the contact form one of our managers will be in touch with you within 48 hours;

Social Media Management

SEO Services

SEO Audit

PPC (Pay per Click)

Customer Service/Taxi Operators

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