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Taxi, Technology & Outsourcing

Taxi, Technology & Outsourcing By Ejaz Shah  —  25th November 2020 Reminiscing about the old taxi offices “One second King, Sierra pick up from 254 VPR let me know the destination, King head towards CT” I remember sitting in the taxi booking office, yellow walls and a cloud of cigarette smoke hovering above the desk, […]

NEW ERA Imposters Syndrome

Imposters Syndrome

Imposters Syndrome By Ejaz Shah  —  22nd September 2020 Have you ever felt anxious that you are not good enough? Felt like a fraud? That regardless of all the certificates decorating your walls, the trophies lining your cabinets, the accolades behind your name, you know nothing, and that sooner or later you will be exposed? […]

New Era Blog - The Taxi Service

The Taxi Service

The Taxi Service By Ejaz Shah  —  7th September 2020 The name “taxi” is a shortened abbreviation of the word “taxicab” which was first documented in March of 1907 in London. Two words: “taximeter” and “cabriolet” are the origins of the word “taxicab”.  The word taximeter was invented in 1891, which was and is used […]