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The Importance of Good Customer Service

The Importance of Good Customer Service By Ejaz Shah  —  2nd December 2020 Fresh out of secondary school I successfully applied for a part-time job to support myself whilst I went through college. As I walked into my first training session, the first thing I noticed was the large whiteboard across the room, with a […]

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Taxi, Technology & Outsourcing

Taxi, Technology & Outsourcing By Ejaz Shah  —  25th November 2020 Reminiscing about the old taxi offices “One second King, Sierra pick up from 254 VPR let me know the destination, King head towards CT” I remember sitting in the taxi booking office, yellow walls and a cloud of cigarette smoke hovering above the desk, […]

New Era What is Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

What is Outsourcing? By Ejaz Shah  —  21st October 2020 What is Outsourcing? In simple terms outsourcing is when a company hires a third party to perform certain tasks. We have seen examples of this in the banking trade, where several large companies have transferred their Customer Services departments overseas to an outsourcing company.  These […]

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The Benefits of a Call Centre & Outsourcing

The Benefits of a Call Centre & Outsourcing By Ejaz Shah  —  13th October 2020 Call centre n. an office in which a large number of people work using phones, for example arranging insurance for people, or taking customers’ orders and answering questions (Oxford English Dictionary) A Brief History Less than 50 miles from my […]

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My Life Lessons

My Life Lessons By Ejaz Shah  —  29th September 2020 I have some breaking news. A couple of weeks old, so not quite ‘breaking news’, but let’s pretend… Ladies and gentlemen, yours truly has reached a milestone. No, the extra pounds around the waist have not been shed – I’ve added to them! Not quite […]