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Virtual Assistant

Introducing Virtual Assistants/Teams – The Surefire Way to Grow your Team Without the Overheads, Recruitment, and Employee Management Headache Just One Monthly Bill and Countless Benefits

All applicants are vetted and checked according to your requirements, our target is to find the best 3 applicants for you to interview and choose from. We recommend 20-minute interview slots for each candidate, therefore only taking up an hour of your time.

Of course, we can conduct the interview ourselves and introduce an applicant to you, but here at New Era OS we think long term, we feel this decision should be taken by you, after all they will be a part of your team!

Social Media

52% of social media marketers believe social media influences their company’s revenue and sales. An essential piece of your marketing strategy, social media helps you connect with your current customers and attract new customers

Increased Brand Awareness

Over 90% of marketers claim that their business awareness increased greatly after using social media marketing

Increase Social Media Presence

By gaining more followers on social media you are increasing the chance of gaining potentially new customers

Generate More Leads

Studies have found that the lead-to-close rate for social media is 2 x more than outbound marketing 



Strengthens Other Strategies

We have SEO experts making SEO strategies specifically designed for your business. We believe in providing SEO services which not only generate traffic but also help generate leads and increase revenue for businesses.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and strategies that are designed to help a website rank higher in search engine (Google, Bing) rankings. If your website is aligned with search engine guidelines it has better chances to get high search rankings and have lots of visitors. It is a the most used strategy in digital marketing industry at this moment. Even if you are a local shop owner or an enterprise, you can get a lot of benefit from SEO.

PPC advertisement

A researched and analyzed PPC strategy can make you get ahead of your competitors and generate as many leads as you want. Here at New Era we strategize, create & optimize your PPC campaign for Google, Bing, or any other platform and help you get more clients.

Pay Per Click (PPC), is a type of internet marketing where you pay for every click on your ad from customers. With PPC you can buy customers immediately by paying for them without waiting for your organic results to work. There are different types of PPC advertising like display advertising and search ads. With PPC you can target the audience at the point of buying by showing your ads on desired spots. Google is one of the biggest PPC platforms in the world right now.



We handle every aspect of the call centre, delivering exceptional service, tailor-made packages, and a flexible approach, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Our call centre services are tailor-made for each individual client. Our professionally trained operators can take care of all types of incoming calls.

Cost-saving is the biggest benefit of outsourcing, followed closely by time-saving (which in itself is cost-saving, for time = money).

On average you can get someone answering your calls for less than half of what you would pay in the west. You save time in not having to recruit or train agents and if you do end up building a team of outsourced agents, you only have to deal with the one person, rather than all of them individually.

If you run a 24-hour office, then monitoring staff at all times, especially those on the graveyard shift is both difficult and time (cost) consuming. By outsourcing, you have staff working for you that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you require a large team of agents/operators then you need to consider the office space to cater for them. By outsourcing you eliminate that extra cost completely, if your team grows, your overheads will remain the same.

With the money saved, if you are able to reinvest it back into your business, it gives you the opportunity to further grow your business. We always advice our clients to use that money for advertising, the more you advertise, the more work you get and so on.

Imagine a worklplace without the overheads
"We deal with your staffing issues while you concentrate on your core values."

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