Reasons Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Bakhtawar gillani

By Bakhtawar Gillani  —  February 8th, 2022

Virtual assistants basically are an alternative to a full-time PA you hired for the support of your business who get paid only for the productive time which made it popular now-a-days because it really is cost effective as compared to hiring a full-time PA.

They tend to manage different clients at a time or on various projects, with particular skill set, providing different services to the businesses from a remote location. What could be better getting things done within deadlines because of their efficient virtual working?

We can say, hiring virtual assistants has many benefits over domestic employees. Because of its popularity in today’s world, there are also various virtual assistant companies that can help make the hiring process easier.

VAs can maximize the productivity level

Business growth depends on strategic partnerships and collaborations, these are considered power tools to make your business flourish and take it to the next level. 

If you’re thinking to expand your business, do hire some talented VAs, and having an extra hand always saves you time which can be utilized in other aspects of business more efficiently.

Virtual Assistant

Decreased operational costs

One of the main reasons you should be hiring Vas is to lower your overall cost. It has been estimated that by hiring a full time virtual assistant 78% of the operating cost can be saved.

Because, virtual assistants are self-employed and it cuts off rental, maintenance and other taxes. Moreover, VAs work remotely either part time or full time both ways it costs you lower than the regular employee. 

Cost Reduction

Reduced workload

Being the owner of your business there’s too much on your plate and often due to overly jam-packed most important business tasks get overshadowed. While, hiring a virtual assistant spares you enough time to focus on what needs to be focused more meanwhile VA can handle other crucial tasks. They can be useful in:

  • Market Research
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Call Answering
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Transcription

And many other things.

Reduced Workload

Improve your online presence

Now-a-days, business demands more online presence and social media engagement which requires a lot of time and consistency. VAs can manage this task efficiently and strengthening your business identity by persistently posting on social media. They can improve customer engagement meanwhile helping in:

  • Quick responses to consumer queries
  • Customer engaging content
  • Promotional posts and activities
Improve your online presence​

Access to best talent

While hiring virtual assistant there’s no geographical restrictions which makes it a best way to world-class talent. All you need to do is have clear communications with them, arrange virtual meetings, and make them understand the process and policies of your business and you will see that reflected in each and every task they perform. 
Access to best talent​

Let's go....Hire a Virtual Assistant for your business today

At NEOS we take out the stress in hiring virtual assistants, and, unlike other outsourcing companies, all of our staff work from our office, so when you grow, your team grows but remains together.

The whole process is as easy as 1,2,4:

                  • Step One; Initial Consultation
                  • Step Two; Recruitment Drive
                  • Step Three; Selection Process
                  • Step Four; Onboarding

All applicants are vetted and checked according to your requirements, our target is to find the best 3 applicants for you to interview and choose from. We recommend 20-minute interview slots for each candidate, therefore only taking up an hour of your time.

Social Media ManagementOf course, we can conduct the interview ourselves and introduce an applicant to you, but here at New Era OS, we think long term, we feel this decision should be taken by you, after all, they will be a part of your team!

Get started today, the only thing you have to lose is your overheads!


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