NEW ERA Imposters Syndrome

Imposters Syndrome

Imposters Syndrome By Ejaz Shah  —  22nd September 2020 Have you ever felt anxious that you are not good enough? Felt like a fraud? That regardless of all the certificates decorating your walls, the trophies lining your cabinets, the accolades behind your name, you know nothing, and that sooner or later you will be exposed? […]

NEW ERA Joys of Parenthood

The Joys of Parenting

The Joys of Parenting & what we can learn from our Offspring By Ejaz Shah  —  15 September 2020 Parenthood… Parenting… The joyous time in your life. A blessing. You nurture them, you give love, watch them grow, you feel love. Love…Nurture…Grow…Love…Nurture…Grow… who am I kidding…?! Screaming…Crying…Sleepless nights…Dirty nappies…Vomit on my new shirt…Vomit on my […]

New Era Blog - The Taxi Service

The Taxi Service

The Taxi Service By Ejaz Shah  —  7th September 2020 The name “taxi” is a shortened abbreviation of the word “taxicab” which was first documented in March of 1907 in London. Two words: “taximeter” and “cabriolet” are the origins of the word “taxicab”.  The word taximeter was invented in 1891, which was and is used […]

New Era Blog

The First Step

The First Step By Ejaz Shah  —  31st August 2020 If you look up the meaning of ‘apprehension’ in the Oxford dictionary you will find: Anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen. ‘he felt sick with apprehension’ Interestingly, the origins of the word apprehension and its meaning from late Middle English is […]

Returning to work after COVID-19

Returning to Work after Covid-19

Returning to work after Covid-19 By EJAZ SHAH  —  August 5, 2020 Back To Work The world has changed in how we conduct ourselves, we now have a before COVID (BC) and an after COVID (AC) situation on our hands. Gone are the days where we could freely meet with work colleagues and friends or […]