Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

New Era CEO Ejaz Shah

By Ejaz Shah —  24/05/2022

One of the main benefits of hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the cost-saving that it brings. If done correctly you can save more than 50%.

However, here at New Era OS, the cost is not the only benefit that comes with hiring a VA:

Maximise your productivity

Maximise your productivity

A VA can take care of certain major tasks or all your repetitive admin tasks while you concentrate on the core values of your business. You can hire multiple VAs’ and create your own virtual team, each VA dedicated to a certain task.

Reduced labour costs

Reduced labour costs

Virtual assistants are cheaper than in house staff. You don’t need to worry about overheads or sick pay etc, in most cases you pay for the productive time only. With New Era OS you have a fixed monthly fee, we take care of everything else.

The cost-effective alternative to a PA

By offshoring/outsourcing your VA you can have a VA for a fraction of what you would be paying a local Personal Assistant.

Weekly and monthly reporting

Weekly and monthly reporting

Reports are the best way to stay up to date with what work has been done, what tasks need to be done and where your business is heading. We always recommend initial weekly reports from your VA moving onto monthly reports once you have confidence in your VA (of course you can continue with weekly reports if you wish to do so).

Gives you flexibility as a business

Gives you flexibility as a business

If you outsource/offshore your VA you can have them work different hours to yourself, this way your business serves its customers around the clock.

Access the best talent

Access the best talent

You can hire a VA on a short-term basis, e.g. if you needed a top-end graphic designer, hiring one in-house would mean paying a market competitive salary as well as other benefits. With a short-term VA, you can get a top-notch designer on a fixed term for a fixed monthly fee. By outsourcing the cost is even less, allowing you access to a full-time designer on your team all year round.

Access different skillsets

With VAs, the world is your oyster, you can hire anyone from anywhere. Our recruitment drive is tailored to each client, keeping your budget in mind, we find you the best VA with the right skillset for your business.

Improve Your Online Presence


Improve Your Online PresenceEveryone and everything is online nowadays, so why not have a dedicated VA to grow your online presence?? It makes sense, as the majority of customers check online rather than/before going in-store. Your VA can assist customers with their queries efficiently online, allowing you to grow your online presence.

Improved work quality


Improved work quality

Dedicated VAs will work to the high standards you set them. You will be able to monitor their performance via the weekly reports which will detail all the tasks they completed.

Balance your personal life

Balance your personal lifeHaving a VA efficiently manage most of your business issues will allow you to spend more quality time with people that matter to you – your loved ones. New Era OS endorses and works for a healthy work-life balance.

Supporting your business growth

A VA dedicated to you will work on growing your company in the direction you want. Your job is only to create the vision. At New Era OS we work with you to grow your business. You can add more tasks to your VA or add more VA’s to your team, the choice is yours.Supporting your business growth

Reduced risk in scaling operations

Increasing an inhouse team requires a lot of overhead costs: desks, computers, stationary, electric, water, internet bills – the list is endless. With New Era OS, you can grow your team without having to worry about any of the above, we provide the space, the systems and the team members.  

What tasks can a virtual assistant do?

Tasks a VA can do

Below we have created a table and listed the most common tasks that are distributed to a VA. With New Era OS you are not restricted. For instance, you can hire a VA that specialises in Google Ads but can also oversee your social media as well as the SEO of your website. Same with a VA that specialises in developing, we can find a developer with designing skills, so not only do you have a VA who can design your website, they can create, update, and manage it and then help create social media graphics to improve your online presence.

New Era OS
Admin Duties Designing Services Marketing Services Social Media Services Development Services
Invoicing & Payment Tracking
Logo Design
Email Newsletter Template Design
Facebook Ads Management
Website creation
Scheduling Appointments
Social Media Graphics Creation
Blog Writing
Instagram Ads Management
Landing page creation
Customer Service Phone Calls
WordPress Website Design
Lead Generation
Twitter Ads Management
eCommerce store setup
Data Entry & Tracking
Presentation Design
SEO Strategy & Implementation
LinkedIn Ads Management
Workflow + Process Development
Landing Page Design
Google Ads Management
Facebook & Instagram Page Setup
Email Inbox Management
Video Editing
Google Ads Management
Facebook Group Engagement
Calendar Management
Photo Editing
Industry & Market Research
2d Animation
3d Animation
Travel Research & Booking
Typing Handwritten Notes
Website management

What is the process to getting a virtual assistant?

At NEOS we take out the stress in hiring virtual assistants, and, unlike other outsourcing companies, all of our staff work from our office, so when you grow, your team grows but remains together.

The whole process is as easy as 1,2,4:

                  • Step One; Initial Consultation
                  • Step Two; Recruitment Drive
                  • Step Three; Selection Process
                  • Step Four; Onboarding

All applicants are vetted and checked according to your requirements, our target is to find the best 3 applicants for you to interview and choose from. We recommend 20-minute interview slots for each candidate, therefore only taking up an hour of your time.

Social Media ManagementOf course, we can conduct the interview ourselves and introduce an applicant to you, but here at New Era OS, we think long term, we feel this decision should be taken by you, after all, they will be a part of your team!

Get started today, the only thing you have to lose is your overheads!


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